DocPoint is participating in the pan-European screening of 1989. Follow the discussion and download the 1989 app!

1989 (Denmark 2014, 90 min) by Anders Østergaard and Erzsébet Rácz, premiering at the documentary film festival DPH:DOX in Copenhagen on 5th November, will be screened simultaneously in 23 countires and 59 venues. The countries participating in this unique pan-European event include Denmark, Russia, Croatia, Austria, Ireland and Norway, among others. In Helsinki 1989 will be shown in a special screening organized by DocPoint and Yle TV1 Documentary Project on Wednesday 5th November at Kinopalatsi 7 at 7 p.m.

The screening in Helsinki will be followed by a discussion with the audience about the situation in Europe now, 25 years later. Riitta Pihlajamäki from Yle will open the discussion. Pihlajamäki was herself working as a journalist and reporting from Berlin when the wall fell in 1989.

The event is organized with Yle TV1 Documentary Project in co-operation with CPH:DOX and Macig Hour Films.

Join the discussion

The Copenhagen gala screening is also followed by a discussion. The discussion and the film are live streemed from 9 p.m. onwards at The film starts at 9.17 p.m. and the discussion approximately at 11 p.m. The film will be followed by an interview with former Prime Minister of Hungary, Miklós Németh, and a panel debate with Former Prime Minister of Denmark Poul Nyrup Rasmussen, Pro-Rector of University of Copenhagen and EU analyst Lykke Friis and Senior Advisor to the European Policy Centre Hans Martens. The discussion will deal with the future of Europe 25 years after the fall of the Berlin Wall.

Follow and participate the European discussion in Twitter with #cphdox1989. If you have guestions to film makers, send your name, city, country and question by

Twitter: use #cphdox1989


Text message: + 45 3013 2737

The charge for sending text messages is your individual mobile company’s international rate for text messages.

Questions to the directors will be collected and they will respond to them in the first few days following the  Nov. 5th screening.

Questions and answers will be posted on the film’s website: and on its Facebook page: (type 1989 in the search field on Facebook).

Download the 1989 App and help tearing down the wall

Download the app and help tear down the virtual wall – and meet all your fellow European audience members, who are taking part in the simultaneous, cross border screening event of 1989. Apart from tearing down the wall, you can also state your location and write messages, that will appear on the screen of the cinemas taking part in this unique event. In Finland the screening is held two hours prior to the other European screenings due the time difference, so the messages do not appear on the screen at Helsinki screening. You can still download the 1989 app from App Store, send your location and your message, and join the pan-European spirit by watching the streaming live from Copenhagen from 9 p.m. onwards at