DOKKINO grew to be the largest national documentary film tour in Europe for children and youth!

DOKKINO – The Documentary Film Event for Children and Youth broke again audience records and became thus the largest national documentary film event for school kids.

Altogether 13,100 children and youth attended to the screenings of the 2014 DOKKINO 2014 tour. In 2013 the number was 8,550.

The event has been growing with each year. In 2014 DOKKINO visited 13 cities: Helsinki, Oulu, Kuopio, Mikkeli, Pori, Jyväskylä, Turku, Tampere, Vantaa, Espoo, Vaasa, Lappeenranta and Kuusamo. In 2015 the new cities will be Rovaniemi, Kajaani and Kotka.

In addition to quality documentary series DOKKINO produces educational material related to each year’s themes and organizes documentary workshops in which children can make their own documentary films.

In 2015 DOKKINO will be organized for the 13th time.


DK pori näytös kuva
DOKKINO event in Pori in 2014.