Critic of Variety magazine chooses his Finnish favourites

John_AndersonThis year DocPoint’s programme will include The Critic’s Choice, where American film critic John Anderson chooses his three favourites from the New Finnish Documentary Films.
Anderson writes film reviews for Variety, New York Times and Washington Post among others, and he is a member of the notable National Society of Film Critics. He also operated as the chairman of the New York Film Critics Circle in 2011. Last year, John Anderson published a book about the Finnish film director Pirjo Honkasalo, Merciless beauty. The film art of Pirjo Honkasalo (2014, Siltala). Read excerpts from the book here.

The Critic’s Choice
is meant to assist in distributing Finnish documentary film abroad by gaining visibility for the films already during their premier in Finland. John Anderson will remain a guest of DocPoint for whole of the festival week.

The critic’s choices will be announced on 1st February 2015.

Update 27.1.: Due the snowstorm in New York, John Anderson will arrive in Helsinki on Friday 31st Jan, not on Tuesday 27th, as announced earlier.