Anders Østergaard is the Main Guest of DocPoint

Anders ØstergaardDocPoint welcomes Danish documentarist Anders Østergaard as the main guest for this year’s festival at the end of January. Østergaard is especially known for his topics revolving around recent history. Furthermore, his films have been some of the most screened documentary films in Denmark.

It is customary for Anders Østergaard’s films to include unusual usage of material in order to reawaken the past. Many discuss his films with the term ”reconstruction”, since the narrative is woven from various elements of archieve material in unique and surprising ways.

Østergaard’s best known work internationally is Burma VJ, which is a depiction of the Saffron Revolution in 2007. The film is a combination of secretly filmed material from Burmese video journalists and reconstructed scenes with actors – which has raised commotion over the authenticity of the events on the film. In addition to receiving dozens of awards, Burma VJ got nominated for an Oscar and was released in theaters in various countries.

Docpoint will be showing four main works from Østergaard’s career: 1989 (2014), Burma VJ (2008), Tintin & I (2003) and The Magus (1999). These films will be part of DocPoint’s Meet the Master series. Østergaard is also coming to talk about his methods to film students and to answer Finnish audience’s questions Jan 29th – Feb 1st. The Masterclass lecture is held on Sunday 1.2..

More than 30 international filmmaker guests in Helsinki

Among this year’s international guests are the film critic and the director of See No Evil, Jos de Putter, and the director of Those Who Said No, Nima Sarvestani. Also Marina Goldovskaya, the director of A Bitter Taste of Freedom and The Solovetsk Power, has confirmed her attendance at the festival.
Dutch director Jos de Putter’s documentaries have won awards at various festivals starting from 1993. He has examined various topics, from favela children dreaming of football stardom to a war in Chechnya. De Putter prefers not to stick with what he knows, but instead wants to continuously regenerate himself as a director. See No Evil (2014), a film to be seen at DocPoint, is a beautiful and poetic work about the malicious behaviour of man towards his closest relative, the ape.
Those Who Said No (2014) is an film by Irani-born Nima Sarvestani based on his own experience of the mass murders in Iran in the late 80’s, where Sarvestani’s brother was executed among thousands of political activists. The documentary follows the intense court battle 25 years later in Haag, where the survivors and the families of the political victims are revealing to the world the events that stayed hidden for so long. Sarvestani, now living in Stockholm, focuses on the countries of Middle East in his films, and he is especially inspired by the stories of people who have fought relentlessly for their rights.
Marina Godovskaya is one of the best known filmmakers in Russia. DocPoint will screen two of her most politically intense documentary films. The Solovetsk Power (1988) discusses an already closed down Soviet concentration camp on an island with the same name. A Bitter Taste of Freedom (2011) was filmed over two decades with Goldovskaya’s student and friend Anna Politkovskaya. They filmed their discussions regurlarly. Politkovskaya was murdered because of her journalistic efforts in 2006. The film has received awards for best documentary film at festivals in Varsaw and Montreal. Goldovskaya’s films will be screened as parts of the Carte Blance series compiled by Reijo Nikkilä, the receiver of this year’s Apollo award.

More info on all international guests of DocPoint 2015 can be found here.

The 14th DocPoint – Helsinki Documentary Film Festival takes place in 27th January – 1st February 2015. Accreditation is open until 19th January.