Elephant’s Dream is the winner of From You to Yle vote

Elephant's Dream_K_Kristof Bilsen_katalogiKristof Bilsen‘s Elephant’s Dream has won DocPoint’s and Yle’s audience vote for the film to be screened on Yle Teema channel later this year.

Elephant’s Dream is a story the public sector in Kongo’s capital Kinshasa – the third biggest city in Africa – that is falling apart at the seams. In politicians’ rhetorics about Kongo’s modernization are left behind, as Bilsen points his lingering camera at the absurd everyday lives of the workers in the city’s main post office, fire department and the secluded railway station. The warm-hearted documentary takes a look at the lives and dreams of the government workers. Read more about the film here.

The competition included  a total of eight documentary films, which were screened at DocPoint festival this year. The audience voted online for the film they would like to see on Yle’s tv-channel. Elephant’s Dream gathered 281 votes which was 37% of all of the votes. The second came Jos de Putter‘s See No Evil with 240 votes, and the third was Sabine Lubbe Bakker‘s ja Niels van Koevorden‘s Ne me quitte pas with 53 votes.

Take a look at the results on Yle’s web site.

Photo: Kristof Bilsen