Watch DocPoint film Misfits online from Thursday till Sunday!

Did you miss the screening of Jannik Splidsboel‘s Misfits? Don’t worry, you can stream the film online in EyeFlick . The streaming costs 2 US dollars.

You can watch the film here. The link is open till Sunday 31.1, at 11.30 PM.



The city of Tulsa in the state of Oklahoma has 400,000 citizens, 2,000 churches and 1 gay-friendly youth centre. For a member of a sexual minority, life in USA’s “Buckle of the Bible Belt” is constant struggle for acceptance. While 19-year old Ben is lucky enough to have a loving, supportive family, 17-year old Larissa was forced to run away from home after she came out to her parents. On the other hand, 16-year old pansexual D has experienced both. Currently he lives in poverty with his loving father, but he has also suffered years of abuse by his mother.

Jannik Splidsboel’s Misfits isn’t intrusive. It allows the youth to tell their stories in their own way, to describe in their own words, what the contempt and spite feel like. Nevertheless, Misfits doesn’t grant any room for regressive hate speech. In our current political climate, this is a refreshingly civilized approach.

Aleksi Vauhkonen / Translation: Tuomo Karvonen