Iris Olsson selected for DocPoint artistic director

Photo: Noora Geagea
Iris Olsson has been selected as the new artistic director for DocPoint – Helsinki Documentary Film Festival. Following Ulla Simonen, she will begin her work on April 1st 2016.

Olsson (b. 1981) has been active in Finnish film industry in various roles within both fictive and documentary fields. Her best-known works include the documentary film Summerchild about a Russian orphan child’s summer vacation in Finland, and the documentary series Jäämeri 30 päivässä, hosted by Ville Haapasalo. Her most recent piece of work is a short fiction film Lasikatto (2015), produced by Helsinki-Filmi. Olsson is especially interested in using the stylistic and emotional means from drama in documentary films. Olsson has previously acted as the chairman of board in the Finnish Documentary Guild and as a member of the DocPoint board. Internationally she has sat in juries of many film festivals as well as run documentary film workshops in various parts of the world.

Olsson is excited about the new position. “An amazing feeling. DocPoint is a unique festival. The fact that the artistic director comes changing every couple of years directly from the field keeps the festival alive and its perspective on the world fresh”, Olsson says. According to Olsson, DocPoint’s success is proof of the bloom documentary film is currently experiencing.

“In addition to being able to present the world’s most interesting documentary films and their makers to our audiences, I want to concentrate on the empowering influence of the real and the sharing of a joint experience at next year’s festival”, Olsson plans.

16th DocPoint – Helsinki Documentary Film Festival is organized January 23rd – 29th 2017.
Further information:
Executive Director Ulla Bergström, ulla.bergstrom(at), tel. 010 501 5775.