Film Critic Neil Young’s Choices from New Finnish Documentaries

The film critic Neil Young has picked his favourites from the new Finnish documentary films shown on our festival. His choices are Purity and Danger (dir. Elina Talvensaari) and Once I Was a Dragonfly (dir. Elli Toivoniemi).

Here are Neil Young’s comments on the films:

“Of all the myriad techniques available to today’s documentary film-makers, performance is among the most contentious and hazardous. An inspiring use of this format, Elina Talvensaari’s PURITY AND DANGER (Puhtaus ja vaara) opens a window into the world of sex-workers with tact, maturity and genuine insight.”

“A delightful celebration both of Finnish eccentricity and the delicate wonders of the country’s natural environment, ONCE I WAS A DRAGONFLY (Kesäni sudenkorentona) winningly alternates between archival footage – here filmed by the subject himself over a period of 20 years – and original materials.”

Neil Young writes regularly for example to The Hollywood Reporter and Sight & Sound.