Documentary films look into issues and places, where things could be improved and be more just and equal. Documentaries have a unique quality to tell true stories of the world and its people, to see flaws, and connect audience members for making an impact. Documentary films have a power to affect both facts and emotions.

Every year DocPoint IMPACT chooses five to eight film projects which are still in production to be part of the IMPACT training workshops and DocPoint IMPACT Day.

DocPoint IMPACT film projects for 2017–2018:

Lasikatto – The Glass Ceiling
Director: Mari Soppela
Producer: Julia Ton / LPMA Productions

The Law of Nature / Luonnonlaki
Directors: Mika Rantonen & Verena Netzer
Producer: Mika Rantonen / New Eyes Productions Oy

How To Replace Me? / Matkalla outouden laaksossa
Director: Iiris Härmä
Producer: Visa Koiso-Kanttila / Guerilla Films

Boys Who Like Girls
Director: Inka Achté
Producer: Liisa Karpo / Napafilms

Maiden of the Lake / Vedenneito
Director: Petteri Saario
Producer: Elina Pohjola / Pohjola-filmi

Wheels of Freedom
Director: Aleksi Puranen
Producer: Pasi Hakkio / Pohjola-filmi