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2018 Boys Who Like Girls

Boys Who Like Girls

Naisten miehet
Director: Inka Achté
Production: Liisa Karpo / Napafilms
Impact producer:  Sini Hormio

Two years has passed since the infamous gang rape in New Delhi. 16-year-old Vedprakash, son of an abusive father and submissive mother, has been invited to join a new boys’ club near the slum he lives in. But there is also a deeper meaning: to invite him and other boys to think about masculinity in new ways. The documentary film follows Vedprakash for three years, as he comes of age with the support of his new unlikely acquaintance Harish – a feminist man who has dedicated his life to abolishing violence towards women and challenging aggressive masculinity.

Themes: masculinity, young men, youth, wellbeing, equality, gender equality

Title in Original Language : IMPACT 2018: Boys Who Like Girls

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