Docpoint – Helsinki Documentary Film Festival


2019 Lady Time

Neiti Aika
Director: Elina Talvensaari

Producer: Jussi Rantamäki & Emilia Haukka / Aamu Film Company

Themes: meaningfull life, senior citizens, elder care, loneliness, family, friends, loved ones

Lady Time is a documentary film about Liisa, a woman who died alone with no one left to miss her. Film director Elina Talvensaari happened to buy her home after her death. Everything she owned from books to photos was left in her new apartment. With nobody to remember her, what would happen if all her things were thrown away? The thought of absolute oblivion was scary, so the film sets to find out who she was.

The story of Liisa unfolds as a detective story, piece by piece. It’s not that her life was extraordinary, but that everyone’s life is extraordinary. And still our lives are eventually going to be forgotten. The awareness of death gives life its meaning. Lady Time is an attempt to hold on to that meaning by telling a story of a nobody, a mystery lady the director shared a home with.

Title in Original Language : 2019 Neiti Aika

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