Docpoint – Helsinki Documentary Film Festival


2019 Smells Like Teen Spirit

Director: Esa Illi
Production: Klaus Heydemann / Inland Film Company Oy

Themes: youth, games, online games, wellbeing, marginalization, addictions, media literacy, gambling

It is relatively simple to raise a new generation and it is relatively easy for a new generation to grow up in a stable and constant world. Both of these will become extremely challenging when the world really begins to falter and change. We live in a time in which the pace of change is greater than ever in the human history.

On the individual level this movie is focused on following four adolescents, each battling with digital game addiction, and their actions as peer supporters helping their fellows with the same ailment. Through them we will see how severely the digital virtual reality can affect the youth and change the course of their lives.

Title in Original Language : 2019 Smells Like Teen Spirit

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