Docpoint – Helsinki Documentary Film Festival


2019 Toivo – The Hope

Director: Miikka Poutiainen
Production: Miikka Poutiainen and Sami Salminen / PinkAgency

Themes: young people, life management, preventing marginalisation, mental health, self-expression

Toivo is a documentary movie about hyperactive twenty-something city girl who is trying to find solutions to her cumulative problems. She moves to an island into an old hut where her great-great-uncle used to spend more than 40 years as a mythical hermit. In the island she starts her spiritual journey.

The movie is targeted for young adults who are struggling with their future or mental issues. Narrative structure is non-chronological like the main character’s mind that is processing “million parallel issues”. The movie has been filmed in a period of more than three years as a follow-up documentary.


Title in Original Language : 2019 Toivo

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