Docpoint – Helsinki Documentary Film Festival


2020 Armageddon in the Living Room

Armageddon in the Living Room

Director: Katja Niemi
Producer: Anna-Maija Heinonen / Franckforstén Oy

Josefina, 11, was sexually abused by a family friend. The sin was dealt within the Jehovah’s Witnesses’ internal judicial committee. They didn’t believe Josefina, and Josefina was told to be quiet about it. Josefina believed she was guilty and remained silent. Until now, 25 years later she relives her traumas when her daughter is the same age she was then, and asks Josefina about the past. Josefina’s daughter has her own traumas and fears from the religion too.

Title in Original Language : 2020 Harmageddon olohuoneessa

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