Docpoint – Helsinki Documentary Film Festival


2021 Kids Cup

Director: Line Hatland

Producer: Ingvil Giske and Ari Matikainen/Media Operatorer, Kinocompany

Kids Cup is a character driven coming-of-age story from the world largest sports tournament for kids, Norway Cup in Oslo. We follow five teenagers from different parts of the world, through the ups and downs when competing at the football tournament.

Every summer 30.000 children from about 50 countries get together to pursue their passion for football at Norway Cup. A variety of ethnicities, cultures and backgrounds are united for one huge tournament, a unique setting where young people from all over the world meet and compete on equal premises. Kids Cup is a warm, humorous and thought-provoking feelgood documentary, involving homesickness, hormones, disappointment, victory, friendship, and most importantly; the feeling of loss and how to overcome it. Kids Cup’s main theme concerns how you cope with loosing. How do children from all over the world react? Some scream, some cry silently, some pull a joke to camouflage the pain. Some blame the referee, their fellow players or themselves. What do they tell their mums when they call home? And most importantly; how do they comfort each other, and move on?

The main focus in KIDS CUP is the dynamics between the kids, and their individual journeys throughout the week. Some cry, some flirt, some break barriers. It is a mini world for one week.