2020 Armageddon in the Living Room

Armageddon in the Living Room Director: Katja Niemi Producer: Anna-Maija Heinonen / Franckforstén Oy Josefina, 11, was sexually abused by a family friend. The sin was dealt within the Jehovah’s Witnesses’ internal judicial committee. They didn’t believe Josefina, and Josefina was told to be quiet about it. Josefina believed she was guilty and remained silent. […]


2020 Here Be Monsters

Here Be Monsters Director: Anna Antsalo Producer: Venla Hellsted / Tuffi Films Oy Impact-producer, campaign director: Sini Hormio / Tuffi Films Oy Here Be Monsters is a creative documentary film, which initially unfolds episodically, one beach and beachcomber at a time. The episodes describe the beachcombers relationship to nature, and their hobby. In between the […]


2020 Solitary Dance

Solitary Dance Director: Antti Lempiäinen Producer: Ella Ruohonen / Superreel Productions Oy Solitary dance pays attention to those left alone. Emmamaria tries to cope on her own with two children. Emilia, a young woman, spends her time driving around the streets of a small Finnish town. Lasse, 80, divorced his wife after 62 years and now […]

2020 People We Come Across

People We Come Across Director: Mia Halme Producer: Marianne Mäkelä / napafilms Oy Doctor Anu Kantele leads an international study to develop a vaccine against diarrhea. Vaccine could save lives of children in poor countries and reduce usage of antibiotics. By this, it could even help in fight against world-threatening super bacteria. 800 Finnish tourists […]

unohdettu kansa

2020 The AssimiNation

The AssimiNation Director: Suvi West Producer: Janne Niskala / Vaski Filmi Ltd., Rein Film AS The AssimiNation is a political pamphlet portraying the indigenous Sámi people fighting for their existence. The film follows the on going cultural genocide of the Sámi which the current Governmental politics allow. This film is a cry for help for […]


2020 Sorrow Tamers

Sorrow Tamers Director, producer: Mina Laamo / Koko Production Oy Creative producer: Pia Andell Sorrow always shakes up the order of things and everything is changed. Changed how? – You do not know, unless you fearlessly step into the world of sorrow and, without fearing the change, step out in due course as a new, […]


2019 Toivo – The Hope

Toivo Director: Miikka Poutiainen Production: Miikka Poutiainen and Sami Salminen / PinkAgency Themes: young people, life management, preventing marginalisation, mental health, self-expression Toivo is a documentary movie about hyperactive twenty-something city girl who is trying to find solutions to her cumulative problems. She moves to an island into an old hut where her great-great-uncle used […]


2019 Kelet

Director: Susani Mahadura Production: Baba Lybeck / Baba Lybeck Productions Oy Themes: equality, transgender people, sexual health, identity, courage, role models, voguing Kelet is a documentary film about black trans beauty, courage and the importance of role models. The story follows the exceptional life of 20-year-old Kelet, a Finnish Somali trans woman living in Helsinki who […]

Miehiä ja poikia

2019 The Happiest Man on Earth

Miehiä ja poikia Director: Joonas Berghäll Production: Satu Majava / Oktober Oy Teemat: boys, men, feelings, communication, masculinity, wellbeing, equality, Finnish society Finland is the happiest country in the world, says the UN report. The stories of the film are joined by this theme of wellbeing and equality, because the question is, why men in Finland […]

Neiti Aika

2019 Lady Time

Neiti Aika Director: Elina Talvensaari Producer: Jussi Rantamäki & Emilia Haukka / Aamu Film Company Themes: meaningfull life, senior citizens, elder care, loneliness, family, friends, loved ones Lady Time is a documentary film about Liisa, a woman who died alone with no one left to miss her. Film director Elina Talvensaari happened to buy her […]