2019 Smells Like Teen Spirit

Director: Esa Illi Production: Klaus Heydemann / Inland Film Company Oy Themes: youth, games, online games, wellbeing, marginalization, addictions, media literacy, gambling […]

2018 Boys Who Like Girls

Boys Who Like Girls Naisten miehet Director: Inka Achté Production: Liisa Karpo / Napafilms Impact producer:  Sini Hormio Two years has passed […]


2018 Lasikatto – The Glass Ceiling

Lasikatto – The Glass Ceiling Lasikatto  Director: Mari Soppela Production: Julia Ton / LPMA Productions This film is about a president, a journalist, […]


2018: The Law of Nature

The Law of Nature Luonnonlaki Directors: Mika Rantonen & Verena Netzer Production: Mika Rantonen / New Eyes Productions Oy Young adults brought […]


2018 How to Replace Me?

How to Replace Me? Matkalla Outouden Laaksossa Director: Iiris Härmä Production: Visa Koiso-Kanttila / Guerilla Films Impact producer: Vuokko Härmä A documentary film about […]


2018 Maiden of the Lake

Maiden of the Lake Vedenneito Director: Petteri Saario Proction: Elina Pohjola / Pohjola-filmi Maiden of the Lake tells about Emika’s and her […]


2018 Wheels of Freedom

Wheels of Freedom Director: Aleksi Puranen Production: Pasi Hakkio / Pohjola-filmi Being alive and having a life mean different things for Ville […]