2019 Toivo – The Hope

Toivo Director: Miikka Poutiainen Production: Miikka Poutiainen and Sami Salminen / PinkAgency Themes: young people, life management, preventing marginalisation, mental health, self-expression […]


2019 Kelet

Director: Susani Mahadura Production: Baba Lybeck / Baba Lybeck Productions Oy Themes: equality, transgender people, sexual health, identity, courage, role models, voguing Kelet […]

Miehiä ja poikia

2019 The Happiest Man on Earth

Miehiä ja poikia Director: Joonas Berghäll Production: Satu Majava / Oktober Oy Teemat: boys, men, feelings, communication, masculinity, wellbeing, equality, Finnish society […]

Neiti Aika

2019 Lady Time

Neiti Aika Director: Elina Talvensaari Producer: Jussi Rantamäki & Emilia Haukka / Aamu Film Company Themes: meaningfull life, senior citizens, elder care, […]


2019 REDI

Director: John Webster Production: John Webster / JW Documentaries Oy Themes: forgivenes, loss, importance of mourning, victims of violence, trauma therapy, support […]


2019 Smells Like Teen Spirit

Director: Esa Illi Production: Klaus Heydemann / Inland Film Company Oy Themes: youth, games, online games, wellbeing, marginalization, addictions, media literacy, gambling […]