1. DocPoint IMPACT Day

Once a year a DocPoint IMPACT Day is organised. It is an open-for-all event, where the year’s IMPACT documentary film projects are pitched to the audience: media, scientists, especially invited organisations, policymakers, company representatives and active citizens. The participants share a common will to act together for the social and environmental issues the documentary film projects are dealing with, and make a positive impact on society as a result.

2. Training the filmmakers

In every DocPoint IMPACT annual cycle we train documentary filmmakers on impact production in special workshops. These projects are the ones pitched publicly in DocPoint IMPACT Day. The chosen productions are still works-in-progress and they aim to focus on current social, structural, environmental or ethical issues, which benefit from communal and positive problem solving and discussion. Solving these issues will benefit not only the parties involved but the whole society. The training brings the principle of impact production in film projects in at an early phase, so that it becomes an organic part of the production.

3. Network of influence

We are building a community where the documentary filmmakers and society’s different actors can discover new ways to work together and contribute to the well-being of all. This active network of influence will include organisations, whose representatives believe that open and unbiased co-operation with sometimes surprising partners is an inspiring way to work. Everybody is welcome to act for causes they feel closest to and most inspired by.

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