DocPoint IMPACT is organised by DocPoint Film Events which aims at creating visibility, appreciation and new audiences for creative documentary films. The DocPoint society wants to strengthen the distribution of documentary films and their role in public discussion.

The society works on principles of high quality and work ethics, internationality, strengthening of civil society and impact of its events. It also pledges to be a good employer on a field of culture.

The mentors and workshop trainers of DocPoint IMPACT 2022 are Liisa Karpo and Sini Hormio.

Liisa Karpo is an award-winning producer based in Helsinki. Liisa has produced short fiction films and documentaries in all forms; feature, short, web series and interactive. Over half of her produced films are international coproductions aimed for international audiences. Impact producing and new audience engagement methods are of great interest to her. Liisa has participated in several appreciated international workshops for producers such as EAVE 2016 and Eurodoc 2010. Her latest produced documentary films are Karpo – The Reporter, Boys Who Like Girls, The Other Side of Mars and This Train I Ride.

Sini Hormio is an impact producer and had a leading role in the campaign connected to Yksittäistapaus (Force of Habit, 2020). Sini has worked in film and television since 2000, and has for the last five years focused on impact strategies for films. Sini has participated in impact workshops arranged by DocSociety and DocPoint IMPACT. Her interests in advancing an expanding field has developed into continued studies in Haaga-Helia, where Sini examines the strategic side of impact production.

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